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Courchevel 1850

Courchevel 1850, the most exclusive ski resort in Europe.

Courchevel 1850

Location: The Three Valleys, Savoy, France.

Ski slopes: 119 (600 km)

  • 27 green slopes
  • 44 blue slopes
  • 38 red slopes
  • 10 black slopes

Ski cross: 9 (66 km)

  • green runs
  • 3 blue runs
  • 4 red runs
  • 1 black runs

Nº rope way: 174

  • 47 lifts
  • 64 chairlifts
  • 37 gondolas
  • 4 funitels and funiculars
  • 2 cablecars

Courchevel 1850 s the ski resort of Courchevel at higher altitudes (between 1750 and 1900 meters above sea level). Is the furthest point famous, exclusive, luxurious and privileged of all. Is the place where everyone wants to "see and be seen". The most attractive place of The Three Valleys. In Courchevel 1850 is where such famous areas as Jardin Alpin, La Croisette, Chenus or Plantret.

For several years, Courchevel 1850 is fashionable between Russians of the highest purchasing power, but also very popular in other countries around the world, such as France, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Australia, Brazil, United States, Switzerland, Belarus, Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, Venezuela, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Norway, Italy and so on. When winter comes and the holidays everyone wants to be in the spotlight of luxury and glamor.

According to recent market research, Courchevel 1850 is the 6th most expensive place in the world, surpassing iconic places such as Cannes, Tokyo or Hong Kong.


In Courchevel 1850 found the most exclusive accommodations around The 3 Valleys:

  • Hotels from 3 to 6 stars with all amenities and facilities. It is the only ski resort in the world with 6 star category hotels (also called Palaces).
  • Chalets of 3 to 9 bedrooms, service personnel (butlers, waiters, chefs, governesses, chauffeurs...), private spa area or cinemas. A very exclusive and private accommodation.
  • Luxury apartments with 1 to 5 bedrooms, with excellent conditions and beautiful views of the valley.
  • Residences of comfort, with direct access to the ski slopes.

Ski slopes

It is at the level that is all Courchevel ski slopes offer an unsurpassed quality to your visitors. Thanks to the huge investment made by the ski resort each year in Courchevel ski slopes found with higher quality in France. Stunning snow cannons, excellent lifts system, according to the slopes, slopes with lights, etc.

The Courchevel ski lifts system is considered the best in Europe, which is capable of moving more than 200,000 skiers per hour. Also in 2013 it has invested more than 166 million euros to improve all lifts, from Courchevel 1550 to Courchevel 1850.

Courchevel offers ski slopes for all levels of difficulty. 27 green slopes, 44 blue slopes, 38 red slopes and 10 black slopes. Courchevel's black slopes are among the most difficult in the world, which is great for more experienced skiers. Beginner skiers can ski the green slopes and near to station, where tracks are very wide and not very inclined. Alternatively you can contract the services of a private ski instructor.

To break the routine of skiing in Courchevel there are lots of activities that complement the sport. One of the most exciting and sought is the Heliskiing. When it snows a lot, it is also common for many skiers choose to get away from the slopes and ski team used to navigate the streets of the season, the mountains, forests, and surrounding areas.

Courchevel 1850 for children

To all the families who visit us, Courchevel offers every possible comfort for both parents and children can enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Baby sitter at home, day care for children from 6 months, playgrounds, area for playing, children's ski school, etc. Also, Christmas decorations, and entertainment for children by the resort, all children will enjoy as much as adults in Courchevel. There are also many activities for families to enjoy, such as luge, sleds, pony rides, mushing, ice skating, bowling, monitors Indian camp, winter camp, hot air balloon rides, and many more!. In Courchevel always something to do for everyone.

Christmas and New Year

The most awaited moment of Courchevel 1850 is definitely the Christmas season, especially the celebration of New Year and Russian Christmas (6-7 January). During Christmas week, in the center of the station, outside, organize various events and shows, such as fireworks, live music, special markets, children's animations, etc.. All adorned with a large repertoire of lights and Christmas decorations in the streets.

In these days as indicated, all hotels, clubs, bars, and small restaurants organize special parties. In Courchevel 1850 are the best gastronomic restaurants and high cuisine, several of them awarded with Michelin Stars.

Visit the following link to view all accommodation available:

Christmas and New Year in Courchevel

Shops and Boutiques

Courchevel 1850 is very famous for its internationally renowned boutiques and very unique signatures. Many tourists travel to Courchevel just to walk through the shops and have a holiday dedicated to haute couture shopping. As everyone knows, France is the creator and pioneer of the fashion world, a guide to follow on royalties of glamor and beauty image. Over the years Courchevel has become a key point for French coutureat the level of Paris or Cannes.

In Courchevel 1850 find brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, Valentino, Prada, Zilli, Chanel or Jean-Claude Jitrois, among others. Click on the following link for a list of all the shops, boutiques and shops in the area:

Shops in Courchevel

Night Clubs and Discos

Nightlife in Courchevel 1850 offer a young atmosphere, lively and cosmopolitan, ideal for enjoying long nights unforgettable. In Courchevel 1850 are the most exclusive and famous clubs such as Les Caves de Courchevel, Le Coyotte or La Grange, among others. In these clubs is common to enjoy live music hand international famous artists such as DJ Smash, Jean Roch, Antoine Clamaran, Dj Nico Ortiz, Dj Fenix, and many more.

Nightclubs in Courchevel 1850


Courchevel has over 70 restaurants spread across its 5 levels, but is in Courchevel 1850 where we find most exquisite restaurants and sophisticated the Three Valleys. Only in this area include 6 restaurants with Stars in the Michelin, some of them with 2 of them, like the Restaurant Chabichou.

See the list of all restaurants by clicking on the following link:

Restaurants in Courchevel 1850


Courchevel is not only skiing. Being located in the largest ski area in the world (over 600 km) offers endless possibilities for outdoor activities, winter and snow activities. Dog sledding (mushing), rent snowmobiles, quads, tours, excursions, hiking, heli-skiing, luge, hot air ballooning, paragliding, ice skating, helicopter rides, and many more activities.

One of the most important activities of Courchevel, is the BMW Polo and Polo Masters Tour. During the months of January and February are organized different competitions between parties worldwide. Champagne, canapés, coats, snow... certainly Courchevel 1850 and the sport of polo make a perfect combination. The polo field is improvised snow covering Courchevel Airport 1850.

Somewhere in the category of Courchevel 1850 could not miss the all elitist sport: golf. A complete golf 9 holes, with stunning mountain views and Lake Saulire Courchevel. The golf course is only open from June to October, during the winter it becomes part of the ski Verdons. Reception is located in the Jardin Alpin area. It offers private lessons for those who wish.

Courchevel 1850 also has a snowpark with rails along the Pralong lift. All snowboarders and freestyle can practice their acrobatics on holiday in Courchevel. The park includes 2 monitors that will give you some tips on how to perform tricks and acrobatic if you desired.

Click the link below to view all activities:

Activities in Courchevel

Artistic expositions

Lovers of art will also be pleased holiday in Courchevel 1850, where there is great artistic investment in the whole ski resort. The streets are decorated with works of art by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Boudro, Romero Britto, Mr Brainwash, David Cintract, Renaud Delorme, Olivier Domin, Luciano Di Concetto, François d'Izarny, Alain Godon, Lirone, Julien Marinetti, Robert Mars, Masaya, Richard Orlinski, Mauro Peruccheti, Vincent Poole, Mel Ramos, Speedy Graphito, Thierry Franck Tordjmann or trives, among others.

There are also several areas dedicated to the art market. In Courchevel 1850 we found the following galleries:

  • Arts Forum
  • Galerie Daniel Besseiche
  • Galerie Chabanian
  • Galerie de l'Alpage
  • Galerie Grulier Boix Vives Patio

Famous and Celebrities

Of all the ski resorts in Europe, Courchevel 1850 is the most famous and attracts celebrities every year, thanks to the high level of services and amenities offered. Besides accommodation with great privacy and exclusiveness.

Each year, delivering "Trophées des Femmes en Or" meets many familiar faces in Courchevel. Some celebrities like Ewan McGregor enjoying the comforts of luxury chalets for your vacation, while others like Lionel Richie prefer to stay in a 5 star hotel.

The Saudi Royal Family has repeated visits over several years. In 2009, for example, booked a train full TGV his entourage of 145 people could travel to Courchevel. In 2010 opted for a huge fleet of luxury 4x4 vehicles. Distributed staying in various hotels of the season.

The Beckhams are other customary in Courchevel 1850 go every season.

In 2004, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich created an uproar when he tried to buy the entire ski season.

Some celebrities who have been skiing in Courchevel are Gérard Depardieu, the King of Morocco Mohamed VI, Katy Isterika, Geri Halliwell, Henry Beckwith, Mikhail Prokhorov, Clement Soiree Rock, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Vladimir Potanin, Christina Aguilera, Harry Enfield, among many others...

Besides all the singers, DJs and artists they going to Courchevel to organize shows.


Courchevel 1850 has its own airport (45°23′51″N 6°38′06″E), although not open to commercial flights, can be used by private planes, helicopters, or airplanes STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) always controlled by pilots with special certificate.

The program Most Extreme Airports on the History Channel considers Airport Courchevel as the 7th airport dangerous in the world, this is because it has a runway too short (525 meters), an inclination of 18.5%, and no system instrument landing. All this accompanied by the surrounding environment: huge mountain peaks, slopes and cold, snowy climates.

Courchevel 1850 Airport also has enjoyed the fame of film, as it was used for the filming of the James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies.

Time Schedule Free Shuttle Bus

Time Schedule Free Shuttle Bus: Bozel - Courchevel le Praz - La Tania - Courchevel 1550 - Courchevel 1650 - Courchevel 1850 & in resort.